For individuals and businesses who are interested in creating and championing people leadership as a means to:

  • improving performance results for the organization
  • increasing employee engagement and productivity
  • reducing personal stress and frustration at work and at home
  • increasing customer satisfaction which leads to increased revenue
  • improving the bottom line of your company’s financials

 Gina Folk

We are the People Leadership experts who educate, mentor, and coach individuals to become more effective people leaders.
Gina has been in business and leading people since she was 12. From her parents’ hot dog shop, to her father’s insurance agency, to a retail clothing store, to a telecommunications start-up company, and finally landing in a Fortune 500, she has created tangible results for every organization she’s ever worked for through effective people leadership. Gina has over 30 years of real-life, hands-on experience managing teams, individuals, and departments of varying functions and sizes. It is this hands-on experience that contributed to the concepts Gina teaches anyone she and her team work with. Fun, engaging, and a bit opinionated, Gina is passionate about people and leading them to achieve great results. Gina holds an MBA from Belmont University and is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma Process Improvement.

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Everyone has 10 minutes a day and that is all it takes to pick up this book, read a chapter and start making better leadership decisions immediately.
Janice Henderson Medical Home Primary Care
Having seen Gina Folk demonstrate and prove the effectiveness of these skills for more than 20 years, this compilation of leadership lessons should be on the shelf of every leader of people. It is truly accessible and practical knowledge for meaningful people motivation and authentic leadership.
Craig Salazar Chief Financial Officer, Employer Advantage Healthcare Solutions
Folk REALLY understands what it means to be in the trenches as a growing leader, and is not just another “expert” sharing techniques that may or may not work for your company. As leaders we are oftentimes under prepared, under confident and under supported. In her book Ms. Folk addresses all of these issues with an ease of understanding that is greatly appreciated and via techniques that cross through to ALL businesses. This book has not only helped me to feel validated that what I am going through is not “just me”, it has also helped me to become a much more effective leader- and parent!

Paige A. Michaelis Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Founder, 1 Minute Mommy
People Leadership is a thought-provoking tutorial that encourages its reader to reflect on their own leadership style and lessons learned through prior experiences. The insightful pearls of wisdom shared in Gina Folk’s personal stories will guide you on a journey of self-awareness and arm you with useful tools to hone your own leadership skill set.
Tracy Foutch Talent Acquisition Manager
I recommend People Leadership for anyone in a leadership position. Gina Folk has done a great job of capturing key leadership lessons that could benefit people managers at any level, either as a reminder of how things could be done more effectively, or as a guide for first time managers new to a leadership role.
David McCrea Supply Chain Manager, MicroWatt